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Safety Edges on an automatic gate

Electric gate safety system

by Scotland's experts in automatic gate safety

For long-lasting durability and low maintenance


Complying to safety & security regulatory standards


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Why gate safety? Is electric gate dangerous?

Electric or automated gates, while convenient, can pose several dangers if not properly installed and maintained without a gate safety system. Some of the potential dangers include:



Individuals or objects could get caught between the moving parts of the gate. This can lead to serious injuries or even fatalities.


Crushing or Impact Injuries: 

Automatic gates, especially those made of heavy materials like metal, can cause crushing or impact injuries for children, pets or vehicles that may be in the gate’s path.

Therefore it's essential to have automated gates installed and maintained by qualified professionals like CM Gates & Barriers who ensures the installations adhere to safety standards and regulations.

The benefits of having a gate safety system installed are:

  • Prevents accidents and injuries

  • Enhances security and property protection

  • Reduces liability risks

  • Ensures compliance with safety regulations

  • Demonstrates commitment to responsible practices

Gate safety mechanism at CM Gates & Barriers:

Photocell sensors technology

The inclusion of photocell sensors in your electric gate is imperative as they are there to keep you, your loved ones, and your vehicles safe. Photocell sensors come in pairs and utilise infra read beam to communicate with each other.

Essentially, if there is something breaking the infra red laser between the photocell (like a car, or a person) as the gate is closing, it will send the signal to the gate to stop.

Photocells for safety on an electric gate

Safety edges technology

The safety edge system in automatic gates provides an additional layer of protection by detecting obstacles or obstructions in the gate's drawing in, crush & sheering points and stopping or reversing its movement to prevent accidents or injuries.

Safety Edges on an electric gate

Force testing for electric gates

Force testing gates is about assessing the limitation of forces in the crush zones of your gate. If a gate is tested and it does not comply, then additional safety should be fitted until it is up to scratch.


At CM Gates & Barriers we test the forces of a gate and provide a compliant report showing all forces are within the safe parameters of the machinery directive.

Force Testing a gate
Safe Contractor certification of CM Gates & Barriers in Scotland
Gate safe membership of CM Gates & Barriers in Scotland
Constructionline gold membership of CM Gates & Barriers in Scotland
DHF Approved of CM Gates & Barriers in Scotland

Our commitment to your safety & emergency support

We are Gate Safe Aware installers and only operate to the highest level of regulatory compliance - as such our priority for every installation and repair project is to deliver on quality and attention to detail. Automated gates in particular require professional handling and care, where this can significantly reduce the risk of unexpected malfunctions.
Our repair services are available 24/7. We understand the importance of round the clock support, where we help you to gain access to your property in case of a malfunction or emergency. Our team can also work with electric gates and access systems installed by alternate companies - simply get in touch to find out more!

Contact us for gate safety installations in Scotland, Northern England & Midlands

CM Gates & Barriers is based in Livingston, between Edinburgh and Glasgow and covering Scotland, Northern England & Midlands.

You can find us at:

Unit 2 & 4 Polbeth Ind Est
West Calder
EH55 8TJ

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