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Safety edges and photocell sensors on a gate

Photocell sensors & beam for automatic gate safety


For long-lasting durability and low maintenance


Complying to safety & security regulatory standards


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What does photocell sensors do and how does it work?

Photocell sensors are like the gate's friendly watchdogs, ensuring no cars get in harm's way. They work in pairs, sending an invisible beam between them. If a car interrupts this beam, it tells the gate to hit pause, reverse, and then fully open.

Think of it like those cool lasers in heist movies! But instead of triggering alarms, they just keep everyone safe. Most gate automation kits we install come with these sensors, mounted on the gate's outside. So, if a car rolls up while the gate is closing, no worries! The sensors catch it and prompt the gate to open up for safe passage.


Inside & outside automatic gate beam sensor installations

At CM Gates & Barriers, we offer the option of installing additional photocell sensors for added convenience on your automatic gate. These can be placed on both the exterior and interior sides of the gates, requiring sturdy posts for mounting.

With these sensors in place, vehicles break the beams as they approach and pass through the gates. This ensures safe operation, preventing accidents or damage. The same principle applies to electric sliding gates.

While the sensors can detect people and animals, we advise against pedestrians using vehicle gates due to safety concerns. You can explore our manual pedestrian gates as an addition to your automatic gate.


Photocell sensors positioning

Photocell sensors play a crucial role in gate automation safety, with their placement being key to ensuring the gates operate securely. Before installation, a safety audit is essential to assess gate type, environment, usage frequency, and user familiarity. This helps identify potential risk areas.

Once risks are identified, photocells are strategically positioned to cover these areas, primarily to halt gate movement if someone or something breaks the infrared beam. Proper alignment of the photocells is crucial for effective operation; misalignment renders them ineffective.

Additionally, the height of the photocells above the ground is important. Typically positioned around 600mm high, this ensures they detect vehicles without passing beneath taller ones or above convertibles with the tops down.

CM Gates is a Safe Contractor gate automation company
CM Gates is a Gate Safe certified gate automation company
CM Gates is a Construction line gold member gate automation company
CM Gates is a DHF compliance gate automation company

Our commitment to your safety & emergency support

We are Gate Safe Aware installers and only operate to the highest level of regulatory compliance - as such our priority for every installation and repair project is to deliver on quality and attention to detail. Automated gates in particular require professional handling and care, where this can significantly reduce the risk of unexpected malfunctions.
Our repair services are available 24/7. We understand the importance of round the clock support, where we help you to gain access to your property in case of a malfunction or emergency. Our team can also work with electric gates and access systems installed by alternate companies - simply get in touch to find out more!

Contact us for automatic gate safety sensor in Scotland, Northern England & Midlands

CM Gates & Barriers is based in Livingston, between Edinburgh and Glasgow and covering Scotland, Northern England & Midlands.

You can find us at:

Unit 2 & 4 Polbeth Ind Est
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