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Automatic Gate Safety Edges

Safety edges for automatic gates


For long-lasting durability and low maintenance


Complying to safety & security regulatory standards


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Stay Safe and Prevent Tragedies with Gate Safety Edges

Electric gates can bring risks, but adding safety edges can make all the difference. Safety edges are like rubber strips, wired to your gate's control panel. When they sense an obstacle, they quickly signal the control panel to stop and reverse the gate, keeping everyone safe.

At CM Gates & Barriers, we install safety edges to avoid various gate safety risks, including:

  • Getting hit by a moving gate

  • Crushing against any of the fixed or moving parts

  • Getting trapped between fixed and moving parts

  • Risk of electrocution

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How do safety edges work?

After a risk assessment, safety edges are placed in areas where potential hazards exist. When the edge touches an obstacle, even lightly, it compresses and applies pressure to the contact strip. These strips are wired together in a chain back to the gate's control panel, including both 'through' and 'end' edges linked in a daisy chain.

Installation is easy with self-adhesive options for small profiles or rivets for larger ones, clicking into place once mounted. This makes future replacements simple if needed.

For optimal effectiveness, safety edges should match the space's size. Our experts recommend a thorough risk assessment to identify potential areas for crushing, trapping, or shearing, allowing fitting of suitable safety equipment.

Combining safety edges with photocells is recommended for comprehensive hazard coverage. Feel free to reach out to us at CM Gates & Barriers for more information. With over 10 years of experience and being Gate Safe Aware installers, we're industry leaders in automatic gate installation and safety.

Our commitment to your safety & emergency support

We are Gate Safe Aware installers and only operate to the highest level of regulatory compliance - as such our priority for every installation and repair project is to deliver on quality and attention to detail. Automated gates in particular require professional handling and care, where this can significantly reduce the risk of unexpected malfunctions.
Our repair services are available 24/7. We understand the importance of round the clock support, where we help you to gain access to your property in case of a malfunction or emergency. Our team can also work with electric gates and access systems installed by alternate companies - simply get in touch to find out more!

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Contact us for safety edges installations in Scotland, Northern England & Midlands

CM Gates & Barriers is based in Livingston, between Edinburgh and Glasgow and covering Scotland, Northern England & Midlands.

You can find us at:

Unit 2 & 4 Polbeth Ind Est
West Calder
EH55 8TJ

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