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7 Steps & a Comprehensive Guide to Commercial Gates & Access Control Installation

In today's fast-paced world, ensuring the safety and security of commercial properties is a top priority for property managers and developers. Among the various security solutions available, automatic commercial gates and access control systems play a pivotal role in regulating entry and exit points, monitoring visitor traffic, and safeguarding assets. 

Industrial automatic gate and access control installation in Scotland UK
Industrial Mesh Infill Gate

From office buildings and residential areas to shopping malls and schools, the installation of these security measures requires careful planning and meticulous execution. In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the step-by-step process of installing commercial gates and access control systems, underscoring their importance in enhancing security across diverse commercial properties.

  • Conduct a comprehensive assessment of the property to identify key entry and exit points, traffic flow patterns, and specific security needs. Surrounding environment is also a huge factor in assessing future risks and threats.

  • Collaborate with experts or consultants such as CM Gates & Barriers to develop a customised security plan tailored to the property's requirements, considering factors such as property size, operational needs, and budget constraints.

  • Include safety & compliance requirements in the planning stage to ensure every step of your installation project adheres to the regulations. You can read the complete guide of planning & assessment here.

2. Selection of Equipment:

3. Preparation:

  • Clear obstructions and allocate sufficient space for the installation of gates and associated infrastructure, ensuring accessibility and functionality.

  • Coordinate with utility companies to identify and mark underground utilities, mitigating the risk of damage during excavation or installation.

  • Install concrete footings or mounting pads to provide a stable foundation for the gates, ensuring durability and structural integrity. Make sure you hire a professional installer for this to avoid poor installation results.

4. Installation of Gates:

5. Installation & Integration of Access Control Systems:

  • Strategically place access control devices at key entry points, pedestrian gates, and vehicle entrances, facilitating efficient security management.

  • Connect access control devices to a central control panel or software system for centralised monitoring and management, configuring access levels, permissions, and user profiles as per security protocols.

6. Testing and Commissioning:

  • Conduct thorough testing of the entire system, including gates, access control devices, sensors, and communication interfaces, to ensure seamless integration and functionality.

  • Verify the accuracy and reliability of access control functions, including authentication processes and entry/exit logs, to validate the effectiveness of the installed systems.

  • Provide comprehensive training to designated personnel on system operation, maintenance, and troubleshooting procedures, empowering them to handle any issues effectively.

7. Maintenance and Support:

  • Implement a proactive maintenance schedule to preserve the longevity and performance of installed systems, conducting periodic inspections, lubrication, and adjustments to mitigate wear and tear. Regular service is also more cost-effective than calling-out installers to repair.

  • Establish a robust support mechanism to address any technical issues, upgrades, or expansions required in the future, ensuring the continued effectiveness of security measures.

Vertical spar gates installation for a golf course in Scotland
Vertical spar gates by CM Gates & Barriers

In conclusion, the installation of commercial gates and access control systems is a multifaceted endeavour that demands meticulous planning, execution, and maintenance. By following a systematic approach encompassing assessment, equipment selection, site preparation, installation, integration, testing, and maintenance, property managers and developers can enhance security across various commercial properties. 

Investing in robust security infrastructure not only protects occupants and assets but also enhances the reputation and value of the property.

The Best Way to Do it

The best way to have seamless, safe & secured gate installation is by having them installed by experienced professional such as CM Gates & Barriers. We fully understand the requirements for commercial installations from assessment to after service. Request a free consultation for your business with us for a reliable installation & excellent service.

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