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Electric Gate Repairs being done

Electric & automatic gate servicing & repairs

Your reliable residential and commercial gate servicing, repair & upgrade


For long-lasting durability and low maintenance


Complying to safety & security regulatory standards


Happy to help solve your problems & make your vision comes true

Electric Gate Servicing

Gate servicing to repair and improve your automatic gates

Not all automatic gates are built the same - from materials, design, engineering to installations, each gate is completely different. Which is why we pride ourselves on building excellent automatic gate systems and providing quality automatic gate servicing.

If you already have gates installed by other installers and experience a malfunction, we are an expert in assessing engineering problems and fixing them.

Based near Livingston and regularly providing services across Scotland, our experienced team are ready to handle your gate repair needs.


Common automatic gate problems that need servicing


If you notice that your gate is suddenly making unusual noises, or something doesn’t sound right, there could be a fault with your mechanism. Our team will be able to assess and rectify the problem.


This usually occurs due to power outage as automatic gates require constant supply of electricity to operate properly. If there is no power outage or any other electrical problem, we recommend calling out a professional to manually test your automatic gate for any operational issues.

Faulty remote controls are often the result of dying batteries, but if your remote still isn’t working after a battery change, you may be in need of a replacement or an electric gate repair.  

Sometimes, the gate becomes stuck in the manual mode and does not open and close automatically. There could be a problem with the batteries in the remote or with the gates opening mechanism itself.​

If your gate is jerking along or getting stuck when opening and closing, it’s likely that the tracks are worn. We recommend calling a professional to evaluate your gates and help you find the best automatic gate servicing solution. 

Noise and alarms

Faulty Remote Control

Stuck in Manual Mode

Gate Won’t Open or Close

Worn Track

Our gate repairs & servicing expertise

We offer gate servicing and repairs for a range of different problems you may be facing.

Gates not responding

Gates stuck in open or close position

Remote not working

Structural repairs

Keypad not working

Hinges problems

Damage due vandalism

Faulty intercom

Damaged photocells

Damaged safety edges

Water ingress

Collision damage

Blown fuse

Contact us for electric & automatic gate repairs and servicing across Scotland, Northern England & Midlands

Our engineer will arrive promptly at your home or business and work to return your gate to its original working condition, or even better! Talk to us for all your future electric gate repairs.

CM Gates & Barriers is based in Livingston, between Edinburgh and Glasgow. We cover Scotland, Northern England & Midlands.

Unit 2 & 4 Polbeth Ind Est
West Calder
EH55 8TJ
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