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Keypad Access Control


At CM Gates & Barriers in West Calder, Livingston, we specialise in access control systems for both commercial and residential properties. We provide services across Scotland, including West Lothian, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Stirling, Dundee & Perth - just get in touch to arrange a site visit.

Access Control keypad on  a wall


Have you been thinking about investing in an access control door entry system? It doesn’t matter whether you are considering investing in electronic access for your home or a commercial property, there are lots of reasons why it could be right for you. At CM Gates & Barriers we are industry experts with over 20 years of experience, and we are here to offer a huge range of access control solutions and electronic entry systems that are tailored to meet your specific needs. Adding an access control system to your property is an excellent way to improve security and monitor people’s visits. You can never be too careful when it comes to security and a suitable entry system has several benefits including the safety and security of your property, your staff and your customers or clients. When it comes to electronic access within a property all systems should be aligned to promote or optimum security and efficiency. At CM Gates & Barriers, we can provide access control systems that can integrate with other systems, and we have the power to link several doors and entry systems together, including automatic gates, automatic doors and automatic barriers.


At CM Gates & Barriers, we understand the importance of great access solutions for your business. And with 20 years of experience behind us, we’re fully equipped to deliver the best access solutions for your site. We cover a range of areas in both Scotland and the North of England, so why wait? Check out some of the advantages of electronic access solutions from our team by getting in touch today.

Customise Access

Limit and personalise access to restricted areas to only a few people and grant temporary access to visitors.


Eliminate Key Management

Avoid the pain of issuing new keys or changing locks when you need to limit or grant access to employees.


Gain Insight

Access reports that show who’s entering and exiting at all times from wherever you are – whether remote or on-site.


Prioritise your Business

Let us install both your system and management software, so you can concentrate on what matters most: your business.


Easy Integrations

Integrate with other security systems, such as intrusion, video surveillance, HR databases, badging, visitor entry systems and more.


Maintain Health & Safety

Enhance your access control system with touch-free to maintain a healthy environment for your employees and visitors.

Access Control System with pin entry


There are many different types of access control systems for commercial buildings and businesses, but not all systems will be the right fit, depending on the size of the deployment, the number of users and entries, and the level of security required. For example, a single office inside a commercial building will need very different security controls than a hospital or large warehouse facility. Some of the electronic entry and exit systems we offer include:

  • Mobile credentials

  • Electronic keys

  • Biometric access control

  • Keypad entry

  • Key card entry

  • Key fob access


To arrange a site visit and consultation at your premises get in touch with our team in West Calder, near Livingston now.


Access control systems are keyless door/gate entry systems that control and manage access and can be adapted to suit the security needs for your home. These systems not only determine the areas the user can be granted access to but can also include specifically permitted hours of access as well. At CM Gates & Barriers we want to share with you some of the amazing benefits of electronic access for your home:



When you have a significant number of valuables in your home, installing a secure system can provide unmatched peace of mind. Standard home doors are easily compromised, meaning you constantly feel on edge when you know the property is vacant. Installing a state-of-the-art home access control system will provide you with an extra layer of protection and put your mind at ease. Equally, keeping your loved ones safe in your own home is paramount. Installing one of these systems allows you to control who has access to your property, giving you the tools you need to ensure your loved ones are protected.


Access to Multiple Doors

For larger homes with several access points, it can be a nuisance carrying a cumbersome set of keys. The best way to streamline this antiquated routine is by installing a suitable home access control system. Whether you choose a key card, keypad entry, or a biometric lock, your life can be made much easier with the installation of one of these systems.


Visitors/Delivery Drivers

Whether you’re running a business from your living room, or you’ve got overly enthusiastic neighbours, an intercom can be a valuable home access control system. Rather than standing up and rushing downstairs every time the doorbell rings, you’ll be able to see and speak to your visitors with the clock of a button. You can even grant them access to your home without fumbling for your keys. This is great if you’re constantly having parcels delivered, or clients visiting your home on a regular basis. Speaking to visitors remotely through a home door entry system is also hugely beneficial for the elderly, who may struggle to answer the door quickly. Better yet, they’ll be able to see exactly who’s on the doorstep without opening the door.


  • Provide Protection & Physical Deterrent
    When it comes to protection, many business owners tend to think of the physical building, as opposed to the entire property. Facilities like hospitals, universities, prisons, and commercial enterprises can benefit from the added security of high-quality security gates. Restricted areas, pedestrian entrances, and facility entrances often need an additional level of security. At CM Gates & Barriers, our bespoke services mean you get the highest safety and security standards while maintaining the aesthetics of the property. The presence of a formidable security gate is often enough to discourage trespassers or on-lookers from trying to access the property. Adding a gate to your property can also increase the level of privacy, which can be a welcomed change depending on the nature of the business.
  • Improved Control & Access
    If your facility requires access-control features like a keypad, card reader, telephone entry, our security gate systems can incorporate the level of control that is needed. This level of security further improves the security measures by our gates. Find out more about our access control solutions here.
  • Curb Appeal
    Although one of the most important purposes of a security gate is to keep unwanted visitors outside, that does not mean it should hinder the property’s curb appeal. We pride ourselves on providing gates that are aesthetically pleasing and consistent with your property’s existing appearance, but most importantly, align with your businesses brand.
  • Additional Safety
    High-security gates do more than simply protect the surrounding property. Our carefully engineered systems can also help to provide added security to your most important resource: your people. Restricting vehicles or intruders from gaining access to the building or property can provide the reassurance that employees are safe from trespassers.
ANPR Camera Access

We are experts in electronic entry and access control. Based just outside of Livingston, we are perfectly situated between Edinburgh and Glasgow, and work with domestic and commercial customers across Scotland, West Lothian, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Stirling, Dundee, and Perth. 

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