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Pedestrian Gate

Manual pedestrian gates installation

A secure complement to your automatic gates.


For long-lasting durability and low maintenance


Complying to safety & security regulatory standards


Happy to help solve your problems & make your vision comes true

Secure pedestrian gate

Why you might need a manual pedestrian gate

A manual pedestrian gate serves as a practical alternative to opening a large automatic gate for every occasion. When you only need to make a quick trip to a nearby shop or take out the trash, a manual pedestrian gate provides a convenient entry and exit point.

Furthermore, it offers an option for accessing your property discreetly, without drawing unnecessary attention. This added privacy can be especially valuable in certain situations.


The benefits of manual pedestrian gates

Manual pedestrian gates serve as a necessary addition alongside automatic gates for several reasons:

Emergency Situations

In case of power outages or malfunctions, manual gates ensure that pedestrians can still enter or exit the premises safely. They provide a fail-safe option for emergencies when the automatic gate system is unavailable.


Manual gates cater to individuals who may find it difficult to use automatic gates, such as those with disabilities, the elderly, or individuals with mobility impairments. They offer a more accessible entry point, ensuring inclusivity for all users.


Manual gates offer flexibility in controlling pedestrian flow, especially during non-peak hours or when pedestrian traffic is minimal. Users can choose between the manual and automatic gates based on their preferences or specific requirements, enhancing overall convenience.

Regulatory Compliance

In some jurisdictions, building codes or safety regulations may require the presence of manual gates as a safety measure, especially in emergency exits or areas where automatic gates alone may not suffice. Installing manual gates ensures compliance with relevant regulations.

Security Enhancements

Manual gates can serve as an additional layer of security, especially in high-security environments. They can be equipped with locks or access control mechanisms to restrict unauthorized entry effectively.

Wooden Pedestrian gates

Manual pedestrian gates by CM Gates & Barriers

At CM Gates & Barriers, we offer a comprehensive range of security solutions tailored to meet your specific needs. Whether you require electronic access control systems or a simple pedestrian door installation, we've got you covered. Our services are flexible and customizable, ensuring that we address exactly what you need.

Our selection of manual doors includes sliding, swing, folding, double/single, and panel doors, providing options to suit various preferences and requirements. Additionally, we also provide automatic gates and other access services.

Don't hesitate to reach out to us today to schedule a site visit anywhere in Scotland. Let us assist you in enhancing your security measures efficiently and effectively.

Our manual pedestrian projects

Contact us for manual pedestrian installations in Scotland, Northern England & Midlands

CM Gates & Barriers is based in Livingston, between Edinburgh and Glasgow and covering Scotland, Northern England & Midlands.

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