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CM Gates Glossary – A to Z of Products & Services

CM Gates & Barriers are experts in the design, manufacturing, and installation of electric gates and access control systems, but also specialise in several other services. As such, we have put together our very own glossary guide to help navigate through the various products and services we are able to offer.

aluminium gates installed in edinburgh
Aluminium electric gates

This glossary covers, services, products, processes, brand values, and more.

Automation – At the very core of our business we are a gate automation company. CM Gates specialises in the installation of automatic gate systems and our highly skilled team are experts in troubleshooting whatever issues may arise with an automation system. From new installations to existing systems, we can supply and install the perfect automation for you.

Barriers – Another one of many products we offer, traffic barriers. Car park and traffic barriers are one of the most effective ways to control the flow of traffic upon entry and exit. There are a wide variety of barriers on offer and are all designed to meet different requirements. These barriers can be fitted with one of our high-quality access control systems, as well as ANPR cameras. The possibilities are endless.

Commercial – Apart from barriers, we also offer several services to the commercial market; whatever the need may be. From security gates to effective outdoor lighting, CM Gates & Barriers are able to advise on the best possible access control solution for your business as well as any additional safety and security requirements.

Doors and Roller Shutters – Roller shutters and doors are made from industrial and commercial properties and are often created with galvanised steel to ensure that they are rust proof and weatherproof. Industrial roller shutters come in all shapes and sizes with a high gloss finish to maintain a professional, secure lock. They are most suited to shopping malls and large industrial buildings as they are much more flexible and have a high-quality design that can be tailored to specific requirements.

Engineers – Our team of highly qualified engineers all have a wealth of experience ranging from electrical qualifications to experienced manufacturers and fabricators. Throughout the process with our team, you will utilise every specialty that our team possesses, ensuring you get the highest level of professionalism and service there is.

Fencing – Our team can manufacture and install a large range of metal and wooden railings and fences for your home and property. We can provide a number of styles and designs which are made to suit your requirements. Not only will these fences improve the aesthetics of your property, but you will see a heightened level of security as well.

Gate Safety – We are members of Gate Safe and pride ourselves on ensuring the highest level of safety to all our clients. These safety standards are not just suggestions but requirements, so we will always install or repair a gate system that is up to date with all currently safety legislation and guidelines.

Hydraulic Motors – Hydraulic motors are smaller and less expensive than electric motors, specifically in situations that demand high torque. Additionally, hydraulic motors and stall without damage and withstand the harshest of operating environments. The image below is of a recent installation at the new St.James Centre in Edinburgh where these 2.5 meter swing gates operate using a Hydraulic Motor. The gates were installed by one of our partners and we installed all automation and safety for this system.

Installation – One of the key services we offer is our installation expertise. Our team are qualified to work with you from start to finish including designing, sourcing, manufacturing, and installing your new automatic gate system. We ensure that the installation is carried out to the highest standards as this ensures a reduction in wear and tear and will always advise on including safety features to meet all necessary requirements.

Job Packs – One your installation is complete; you will be provided with a job pack by whoever completed the work. These job packs will include a user manual that feature important safety information as well as how to switch your gates to manual which allow you to control entry and exit if something goes wrong until one of our engineers can arrive on site. These job packs will also include servicing cards so that you are easily able to keep track of when your gate system is due its next service.

Keypads – Upgrades are always a great way to ensure that you are getting the most out of your electric gate system. Some upgrades are essential (safety etc.) others are for convenience and security purposes, such as access control systems. We like to ensure that we stay up to date with new technologies that put you in complete control of who is allowed to enter and exit your property. Keypads are just one security measure that you can have as part of your gates, whether they’re commercial or residential.

Landscaping and Driveways – As is with electric gates, driveways and landscaping are one of the first things that people see and we all know how important first impressions can be. We work closely with our clients to design beautiful outdoor living and social areas that are tailor-made to meet your needs, as well as functional driveways that are long-lasting and aesthetically pleasing.

Maintenance – Did you know that regular servicing and maintenance could save you a significant amount of money in the long-run. For residential clients we advise servicing 1-2 times a year, whereas commercial clients should consider servicing based on the frequency of use of your gate system. We can come up with a maintenance plan to suit your needs to ensure that your system stays in top shape and functions the way you intend it to.

Naked Motors – We can provide a range of automation options to suit whatever need you may have and one of these options is a naked motor. These motors are concealed automation options specifically for sliding gates. These motors have built-in control units and are small enough to be installed inside very slender posts. This allows for a very clean looking installation where not cables or automation components are visible to the naked eye.

Outdoor Lighting – Curb appeal is just as important for commercial facilities as it is for homes, and one way to ensure this for both is by installing outdoor lighting systems to suit your needs. A stylish façade can attract new customers, but the right lighting can also be a deterrent for criminals looking to gain unauthorised access to your home or business premises. We can provide and install a range of lighting solutions that will meet whatever requirements you set out.

Process – From start to finish, we like to ensure that we are completely transparent with our clients regarding costs, sourcing, installation etc. Our process comprises of 8 essential steps for new gate installations ranging from your initial enquiry to your quotation being issued, to the installation of your system, and including aftercare by a member of our team. This process is designed to put you in control of the development of your project.

Quality – We work with several suppliers for all areas of the business that ensure we can meet even the strictest of requirements. These partners can advise on the best solutions for your project and will determine whether certain expectations are realistic for the type of system being installed, as well as any environmental factors that could possibly hinder the performance of any chosen product.

Residential Gates – When it comes to choosing a new electric gate system for your home there are so many options to choose from, aluminium, steel, or wood? Access control system? Safety requirements? Our team can assist you with this decision from start to finish and will be able to advise which option is best for you based on your requirements, environmental factors, projected usage etc. We know that for most people, the installation of new automated gates is because of security concerns so our top priority is ensuring these do exactly what you need them to so that you can sleep peacefully at night.

Security – There are several reasons why installing electric gates can be an added benefit to the security of your property, and there are several things to consider when choosing the right system for you. Obviously, the add-ons you choose contribute to the security levels of your gate system – intercom, visibility etc. but there are a few things to consider with the gates themselves such as height, reinforcement, locking systems etc.

Turnstiles – A turnstile mechanism that a allows a location to have control over entry and exit is a great solution for physical security in buildings and public facilities. Places that commonly use turnstiles are amusement parks, public transportation, airports, and sporting events. They are also a great way to maintain pedestrian traffic in a single direction. Most modern turnstiles are mechanical, which allows the arm to be rotated one direction but not the other.

Unmatched Products – As we mentioned before, we work with several automation suppliers who are focused on providing the highest quality products that function to the highest standards and meet all current safety guidelines and legislations. These products ensure that any new system we install for our clients is of the highest working order and is safe to use – one of the key focuses of our business.

Various Services – Apart from the obvious (gate installation) we also offer a range of services as well. Basic servicing and repairs, access control installations and upgrades, electrical work, landscaping, driveways etc. The rule of thumb is if you think it, we can do it. We also like to ensure that even if we do work on a system that wasn’t originally supplied or installed by us, that we leave it in a better state than we found it, and ensure it is safe and compliant with all legislation.

West Lothian Based – Being situated in Polbeth, right between Edinburgh and Glasgow, allows us to easily serve all of Scotland no matter the need. Our team drive thousands of miles every year by committing to providing the highest service to all our clients near and far.

eXisting Systems – As we mentioned previously, we offer servicing and repairs to clients with systems that haven’t been supplied and installed by ourselves. Although we discuss the importance of safety a lot, please note that if we work on a system that doesn’t comply with safety guidelines and legislation then we are responsible for leaving that system in a position that is as safe as possible until the necessary changes are made. Please note this includes switching off the automation and leaving your gates in a manual operation mode.

Yale Lock – The classic lock and one of many ways of adding security to your gates. Other security measures for gates include keypad locks, touch recognition locks and motion sensors, all available for commercial and residential gates depending on your specific requirements.

Zero Worries – We have a quality promise for all systems we install and fully believe that whatever the service, CM Gates & Barriers will not only meet, but exceed expectations. Should something go wrong, as things sometimes do, we also offer 24/7 repairs to ensure that your system can function the way it was intended.

We are here to help, call us to find out more

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